Wim van Heeswijk
+220 7588387

Lodge and Cultural Centre Berending - The Gambia


Wim van Heeswijk
has an expressive artist background. In 2008 he emigrated from the Netherlands to Gambia for foundation of the SOFORAL project. Wim is owner and general manager, maintains contacts with travellers and is the tour leader of various groups every year. Whenever he finds the time he can be found in his work shop to make sculptures.

Lamin Sanneh('Culture' )
joined us from Coubalan in the Casamance to build the accommodations. In the first place however he is an artist. He leads the drum- and dance group of the Lodge and takes care of the djembe- and dance lessons for our guests at SOFORAL.

Lamine Badjie ('Rasta')
is the handyman of our team and takes care of maintenance and repairs. He is the bartender at Soforal's Blue bar. Apart from that he also cares for the vegetable garden. Rasta is bubbling over with creativity: he decorates the walls and garden and also plays drums in group Soforal.

Kaddy Sanyang
is the cook of Soforal Lodge. On wednesdays Kaddy also takes care of the laundry and keeps the private house of Wim clean.

Yahya Gibba
is the gardener of SOFORAL. He waters all plants and sees that the bush is cleared every now and then.

Adama Sanneh
is the second gardener of the lodge. Together with Yahya he waters over 1,000 plants and keeps grasses out.

Lamin Demba
goes out for daily shoppings in Gunjur on his bicycle. He perfectly knows to find the right vegetables and fresh fish. And he is a vast entertainer at the ambiances at Soforal Lodge.