Wim van Heeswijk
+220 7588387

Lodge and Cultural Centre Berending - The Gambia

Cultural Center

SOFORAL Lodge is much more than just a place to stay. We allow the local community to participate in our activities and offer our guests the opportunity to come in contact with the rich traditional culture.

We strive to keep the local cultural habits and activities alive. This includes music, dance, singing but also storytelling, wrestling, palm oil harvesting and nature conservation.

SOFORAL supports the GUNJUR VILLAGE MUSEUM, a private initiative of development-specialist Lamin Bojang. The museum will give visitors a good insight in history and daily life in the countryside. Lamin is searching for funds to realise his centre and we happily recommend him to you: e-mail and mobile (00220) 6436637.

In cooperation with Lemon Fish Gallery in Kartong SOFORAL offers the opportunity to view rare African film material. Lemon Fish has a pretty collection of ceramics, batiks and paintings and it is also possible to spend the night among these artefacts: - Hannie Stokbroekx (00220) 7643948 or Bakary Sanneh (00220) 6409786.