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Lodge and Cultural Centre Berending - The Gambia

Berending Village

The Gambian government has appointed the Kombo South district as an ecotourism area. In this district many guest houses and Lodges that respect the local communities and ecosystem can be found. They offer a good alternative for the SeneGambia hotels if you want to acquaint with authentic dark Africa.

The Diola village Berending at the Gambian - South Senegal border has a strong social structure and decisions are made based on consensus. People live from agriculture and fishery. There is a small hospital and some little schools but without electricity and without flowing water life is meagre.

SOFORAL Lodge cordially contributes to the village development. We offer jobs to local people and buy as much as possible from local businesses. In addition we stimulate and guide the activities of European volunteers in the village.

Berending has a rich dance and drum culture. The traditional Kumpodance is performed regularly and a number of djembe groups, of which Soforal is the most important, is active. You can be sure to meet them.